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Jul 2

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There has been a lot of hype about the future addition of a commuter railroad train that will travel between Orlando and Poinciana.  This would certainly help get some drivers off the congested roads.  It appears there is just one problem with the idea at this point, and that is the planned location of the train station.

Sandra Gutierrez is the rail transportation project manager for the Florida Department of Transportation's Orlando Urban office.  She recently gave a presentation to a group of business representatives at a Poinciana Area Council meeting.  There, she stated that the train station would be located almost 10 miles away from the majority of Poinciana housing, in the Poinciana Industrial Park.

Gutierrez states "we will have feeder buses that will take people to the stations" as a way of helping commuters who do not want to drive to the stations or simply do not have a car.

The reasons given for the location of the new terminal were cost.  Railroad tracks already exist in this area, and it was much more cost effective to buy existing tracks from CSX then to build a whole new rail line.

When complete, the new rail system will run a total of 61 miles. The project is to be built in two phases. Phase 1 begins in Volusia County near the town of Debary, and runs 31 miles to downtown Orlando. The second phase begins at Orlando Regional Medical Center and runs 23 miles to Poinciana.

There will be five stations, and the trains will have restrooms, power outlets, bicycle racks and single- and bi-level passenger cars.

Service is expected to begin in 2010.


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Re: Poinciana Train - Travel Required

I hope we get this done. The community really needs it.

By Paul10 on   7/13/2007

Re: Poinciana Train - Travel Required

Poinciana is just a Florida version of San Juan Puerto Rico and the Bronx N.Y.

By Hector on   1/21/2009

Re: Poinciana Train - Travel Required

Hello to all. My name is April. I recently relocated to Naples. I am residing at 2942 Ponce de Leon. I am in search of a roomate. I have 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, , back yard, etc... I am completely furnished other than what belongings you may want to bring in, and we can figure that out. I also have a shed out back for any needed storage. My telephone number is 239-776-7549. Rent is $400 per month plus half utilities.

By april:) on   1/10/2012

Re: Poinciana Train - Travel Required

Before I continue - I am a resident of the community and the majority of my post are the pro-poinciana type, typically countering someone's rant or racist post on how there are too many hispanics, and the exaggeration of crime..etc.. All which are not founded on facts, just an occasional news story which there really isn't much news generated out of a community this size, so when something does happen its magnified by 1,000.

I am an advocate of our Poinciana community because when compared to other parts of Florida, Poinciana offers a natural beauty, large home sites and wonderful homes always priced right. That is not debatable.. The reason for my post is to generate discussion and help make our community better, hold those who are the decision makes accountable and maybe they can even respond with some explanations... Now for the post.

Has anyone legitimately provide an explanation as to why the Chili's that was suppose to open a new restaurant nix their plans?

If Avatar is so concerned about future build out in Solivita, wouldn't they be more proactive with encouraging a restaurant chain to open up on this side of the county? I've ran into several Solivita potential vacationing residents and the one common question they ask.. Where are the restaurants? With our location being so isolated and being a sprawling community of about 70,000 people.. Looks like whoever is selling our community to the outside isn't doing such a great job, they are just bringing in the wrong stuff..

Security, even though Poinciana is relatively safe - Why doesn't the community provide a security detail for the Sheriff's Office on the Osceola side to patrol ONLY the retail areas of the Town Center and Publix Plaza to provide an additional sense of Security, prevent loitering and get rid of the isolated abandoned town feeling.. Potential Prospects not only check out the community in the day, but at night. Night time is when you really get a feel for any area, so why not provide that extra sense of community.. Off Duty Officers really aren't that expensive when you compare if to our HOA's several million dollar budget.

And even thought Avatar Homes is the culprit with our commercial dilemma why hasn't the HOA Association of Poinciana Villages done anything to bring in new businesses? They are suppose to preserve, protect our property values within the community.. Isn't providing these type of amenities part of that?

Poinciana residents no longer want a chinese restaurant, latin food and burger king.. I want to spend my money where I live, the only problem is.. There is no where for me to spend it.

I feel that Poinciana will not live up to its full potential anytime soon unless a wrecker-ball knocks down the "Towne Center" where Winn-Dixie once was and start from scratch with some known restaurant chains.. Why not ask Darden to help? They are local, growing and a profiting company in our own back yard.. They own Red Lobster, Olive Garden among several others..

What do you think reader? Pass this posting on, hey even send it to your local paper.. Lets start a discussion!

By lovemom23 on   1/17/2013

Re: Poinciana Train - Travel Required

No more Chilis. No more Pollo Tropical (and I loved that place!). No more Panda Express. We need a Target real bad. In comes Amscot. In comes Colortyme. In comes a dollar store. Out goes Winn Dixie. In comes a huge new Section 8 apartment community behind Publix. I'm getting a bit negative now, so bear with me but it just looks very bleak. I can tell you that we try to make the best of it, but if we weren't $100K underwater on the mortgage (and if Florida was not a recourse state), we would have left the area a couple of years ago. We're not here because we want to be, we're here because we're stuck. We are trying to make the best of it because you are right, the homes down here are very nice - we love the house. And like I mentioned earlier, we're trying to find the silver lining in the cloud - we love seeing all the stars at night and the quiet backroads for biking.

As far as Avatar, I'm afraid that Poinciana is completely off of their radar, except for Solivita. Take a look at their website and you'll see that Poinciana is not even mentioned at all anymore. They have written it off. It is as if Avatar looks at Poinciana as a bad mistake that they would just as soon forget about.

I'm fortunate because I am able to work from home, but even quick fleeting desires to do some shopping require planning. Lord help us if we need something from Best Buy - because we can bank on an hour there, an hour back plus shopping time. Many times, we just say to heck with it and order online. It is isolating living down here - which has its plusses and minuses.

I am convinced that we are only going to start to see stores and services come to the area when the population can support them. I am fully aware that we are somewhat of an anomaly down here based on income. But I also know the struggles of my neighbors (the few who are left), and although they would LOVE to be able to go to a Red Lobster without commuting into Kissimmee, even if it were right next to Walgreens, they couldn't afford it. This is why I'm hopeful that when the medical center gets established, we will bring some more higher income folks to the area. Maybe I'm being naive, but I would like to think that the medical professionals working in the hospital would prefer to live close to work and not "in town".

By lovemom23 on   1/17/2013
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