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Jul 15

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Apparently Avatar is running into some problems getting the much-hyped Poinciana Parkway approved. 

The current parkway plans take the road through what’s known as the Reedy Creek Mitigation Bank. This is a 3,520-acre wetland habitat set aside in order to offset environmental damage done by Central Florida construction projects in the past.

The stretch of land between Marigold and 54 (Ronald Reagan Parkway) is managed and protected by the water management district, as well as the US Army Corp of Engineers.  The Osceola News Gazette is reporting that Audobon may have filed an objection to the road being built, and now officials are asking for Avatar to provide more information as to the plans.

"Many aspects of the road project remain unclear, including its final cost, how it would be paid for, its projected time of completion and its exact path through the mitigation bank" states the Gazette.

As a Poinciana resident, we need this road, although I argue a straighter line to west Orlando would be nice.

Poinciana Parkway


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Re: Poinciana Parkway Hitting Roadblocks

How many roads we have here to get out of Poinciana in case of a disaster?
If anybody have an answer, please let me know.

By gar1060 on   8/26/2007

Iorio Community Update - 10/25/07

Re: Poinciana Parkway Hitting Roadblocks - At last night's APV/Polk/Osceola, Iorio talked about the so-called roadblock. It sounded to me as though he was talking about something serious enough to push this project back at least a couple of years.

By PoincianaHome on   10/26/2007
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